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In this free training, discover how to use the world's No.1 social network [Facebook] to share the world's best kept secret [chiropractic]


Day 1: How to know if your practice's Facebook Page is set up correctly and exactly what to do if it's not.

Day 2: How to create a compelling purpose for your Facebook Page that motivates people to find and share your practice with others.

Day 3: How to automate and simplify what, when and who posts to your Facebook Timeline so you save time, including when to outsource and when not to and how to do it right.

Day 4: The 9 ESSENTIAL areas to adjust on your Facebook Timeline for optimum performance.

Day 5: 11 of the MOST effective "free" Facebook Page promotional strategies for attracting a steady stream of new fans.

Day 6: 7 of the MOST effective "paid" Facebook Page promotional strategies for reaching new patients/clients/members.

Day 7: How to use your Facebook Page to become the company chiropractor for small and large local businesses, churches and other organizations in your community.

Bonus: The 13 MOST IMPORTANT Principles of Facebook Marketing that will determine your Facebook Page's success.


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How will you benefit from this 7-Day Training?


You'll discover how easy it can be to have a respectable and impressive social media presence that will make you stand out from the crowd in your community. There are likely thousands of people in your community connecting on Facebook everyday. Someone is going to be the most popular chiropractor on Facebook in your town.

Shouldn't it be you?

If you'll invest just a little time to follow this easy step-by-step success map you'll be a chiro social media pro in no time. This is the exact formula to do it right.

Whether you already like Facebook and know the potential it has to help you grow or you're not really interested in Facebook but are interested in more people in your community knowing about you and what you really do. You'll benefit from this program. All you need is a desire to learn and we'll make sure you have the support you need to succeed.


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